[AMRadio] Re: The Tucker KW

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Sun Aug 14 02:41:29 EDT 2005

Well I have worked all day Saturday (just quit now 1AM!!) doing more 
cleaning in the lab. I now have the Link 250UFS, the Tucker KW, and the 
BTA-250L all next to each other. There are my 6M tranceiver, 80-10 xmtr, 
and 160M xmtr respectively. The Link is FM, but I bet I could amplitude 
modulate it. Not sure if I want to. Is there more activity on 6M AM or FM?

I need to get the BTA-250 off the cart it is on, but I might need help 
because it is sort of heavy. I got it on the cart myself, but it was a bit 

Next is to take the original tube repeater from the Irving ham radio club, 
and mount it in an old motorola police radio cabinet, and set that next to 
the Link. I am not quite sure what frequency to put it on, however. Hate to 
stick it on the calling freq., and not be able to move off it, but that 
might be the best bet.

What's the consensus on freq. choices for VHF rigs that are basically 
fixed-frequency (meaning they take alot of hassle to re-tune)? What are the 
good manners for that? The simplex frequency?

I have a couple of good stable PLL based 0.5-80MHz VFOs (lab gear) that I 
could sub for RX and TX crystals if necessary. Talk about having to keep 
charts.. No rush though, still alot of cleanout left to do.

Should I post a pic. of these things lined up?


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