[AMRadio] Re: The Tucker KW

Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Sun Aug 14 04:45:12 EDT 2005

Patrick Jankowiak wrote:

> Well I have worked all day Saturday (just quit now 1AM!!) doing more 
> cleaning in the lab. I now have the Link 250UFS, the Tucker KW, and 
> the BTA-250L all next to each other. There are my 6M tranceiver, 80-10 
> xmtr, and 160M xmtr respectively. The Link is FM, but I bet I could 
> amplitude modulate it. Not sure if I want to. Is there more activity 
> on 6M AM or FM?

Not sure, in the North Texas area.

> What's the consensus on freq. choices for VHF rigs that are basically 
> fixed-frequency (meaning they take alot of hassle to re-tune)? What 
> are the good manners for that? The simplex frequency?

For the VHF rig, and in keeping with staying off of the simplex channel 
24/7, build up a xtal switch.  If you've got more than one frequency 
pair in mind (most repeaters all nowadays use a PL tone for access, so 
you'll be better off on simplex with that rig, anyway) you can use the 
switch to move to whatever you have available to you.  just some xtal 
sockets mounted on an aluminum chassis, and a rotary switch.  That's how 
I've seen it done, even using the old Federal police 
transmitter/reciever combos.  Back in the late 50's early 60's, those 
were some 'boat-anchors'.  Seperate transmitter, with a 2E26 in the 
final, and a seperate reciever, both on slides in one small(ish) box and 
a control head to the dash, with a cable as big as a horse-... well.. 
you get the idea.

> I have a couple of good stable PLL based 0.5-80MHz VFOs (lab gear) 
> that I could sub for RX and TX crystals if necessary. Talk about 
> having to keep charts.. No rush though, still alot of cleanout left to 
> do.

What's the rig use in it?  A frequency double-tripler circuit in the 

What's the IF freq of the reciever?

Some recievers use a simple tripler scheme.  A calculator exercise I 
performed with regularity, was the xtal freq of a Regency HR-2A.

Freq - 10.7 (IF) / 3 = Xtal freq

146.64 - 10.7 = 135.94 /3 = 45.3133
146.52 would mean it's need a 45.2733333 xtal  or, something that's 
going to oscillate at that frequency.

> Should I post a pic. of these things lined up?

Why not?

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