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KC4QLP at aol.com KC4QLP at aol.com
Sun Aug 14 10:34:36 EDT 2005

Hi John....

Yep retired this old  Raytheon in November of 2003. I'm hoping someone or 
someones will jump on this.  I can't take this to NY with me. Like you say John 
about the parts, yeah it has  a bunch of them that could come in handy for some 
project somewhere.

How  many ofand where do you know of any RA 1000s still on the air in some 
sort of  capacity? I don't know of many, and the ones that I've seen were in 
horrible  shape.

Bob Carter -  KC4QLP
Echolink  RF node 56703 , 56704 / eQSO [RX] crosslink
145.250 VHF repeater,440.850 UHF  link,29.630  repeater

So  I see you retired a RA1000 there... I parted out the one I took apart at 
in Roswell last year. It had some big iron and very interesting RF  
with that Push Pull 833 RF stage. The output L with variometer  will go into 
first class balanced line tuner at some point in the future.  Having 
controls as well!!! Both modulation reactors and an RCA  modulation 
(mine had a spare L with it, 60 Hy) went to local  AMers building new rigs - 
avoiding shipping costs.  Many of the chokes  and transformers got out to 
and also to a surplus dealer in Albuquerque  where they were sold off. I was 
happy to take the trouble parting it up like  that, as it was worth a lot 
more to 
several builders than to someone trying  to fix it up (was in very sad 
when I scavenged it). Sometimes the  vultures are a better ending of big rigs 
like that - although i know there  are several still on the air on MW as well 
in conversions.  


> Speaking of ebay, I have some "heavy  metal" up on ebay. [  
>  QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem  ]
> (watch the URL  wrap)

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