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Sun Aug 14 22:58:37 EDT 2005


This was received from a friend who is a contract engineer. I am posting it 
for the interest of the lovers of really heavy iron and things that glow in the 

<<....... I know of two RA-1000 transmitters.  The one at WNAK (Nanticoke, 
PA) is probably repairable, I had it on the air until last Winter, when 
shorted.   The other one is the old WCNR transmitter in Williamsport. 
The capacitors have been removed and disposed of, and the transformers 
are in the old tuning house (I have no idea why or how they got moved 
there).   Both are not "pristine" each had some mods done to them. >>

I have actually seen the WNAK rig and it is not a pretty site! It does or did 
work, but there are gosh awful looking mods hanging all over it. It would put 
any self respecting ham to shame he had done something like that! For that 
matter, the transmitter site at 'NAK looks like a set from "Bride Of 
Frankenstein!! All that is missing are the windmill blades.

73 and keep 'em glowing,

John,  W4AWM

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