[AMRadio] HMBA's in a 'lineup'

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Sun Aug 14 23:35:05 EDT 2005

Here are the three heavy metal projects as they are right now. Finally 
getting the lab cleaned up enough to put things sort of where they should be.


Anyone know where to find a 30" rack panel for the bottom of the Tucker rig 
(in the middle)? Apparently this is or was a standard size, but darn if I 
can find any.

A nice note for silent cooling:
The 24 volt DC blowers taken from scrapped Digital Equipment Corporation 
"VAX 6000" series of computers move a ton of air at 12V and are nearly 
silent. These old machines are now mostly kept by resellers only, and for 
parts only. Normally I would never suggest tearing up an old computer, but 
they are going into the crushers everywhere. The blowers should be dirt 
cheap! If you can get the front blower, it comes off the machine attached 
to a ready-made intake plenum, and will sit right on top of most racks. 
Although the blower is designed to mount with the wheel shaft horizontal, 
the assembly can be placed flat with the plenum on the rack-top, and the 
hot air gets sucked up and blown out through the circumference of the 
wheel. When placed this way, the plenum box is about 12x18x4" tall. The 
blower assy adds 3".


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