[AMRadio] HMBA's in a 'lineup'

Bob Maser bmaser at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Aug 14 23:47:42 EDT 2005

Your link to the pic has a virus attached to it good buddy.

Bob  W6TR
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> Here are the three heavy metal projects as they are right now. Finally 
> getting the lab cleaned up enough to put things sort of where they should 
> be.
> http://rawfire.torche.com/~opcom/kd5oei/index.html
> Anyone know where to find a 30" rack panel for the bottom of the Tucker 
> rig (in the middle)? Apparently this is or was a standard size, but darn 
> if I can find any.
> A nice note for silent cooling:
> The 24 volt DC blowers taken from scrapped Digital Equipment Corporation 
> "VAX 6000" series of computers move a ton of air at 12V and are nearly 
> silent. These old machines are now mostly kept by resellers only, and for 
> parts only. Normally I would never suggest tearing up an old computer, but 
> they are going into the crushers everywhere. The blowers should be dirt 
> cheap! If you can get the front blower, it comes off the machine attached 
> to a ready-made intake plenum, and will sit right on top of most racks. 
> Although the blower is designed to mount with the wheel shaft horizontal, 
> the assembly can be placed flat with the plenum on the rack-top, and the 
> hot air gets sucked up and blown out through the circumference of the 
> wheel. When placed this way, the plenum box is about 12x18x4" tall. The 
> blower assy adds 3".
> PJ
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