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John Lyles jtml at losalamos.com
Mon Aug 15 16:05:15 EDT 2005

Sorry I don't have any info on who and where the RA1000s are operating, but Dan Churchill up in VT (I think) has a company that specializes in odd parts for old broadcast transmitters, and the RA1000 is one that he has parts for. I think his company told me that there are a few still shining out there in the USA, so they still service them. John W4AWM has some tips in his email on where a couple are still in place. 

For those interested, the RA1000 was an ugly (Depending on your viewpoint) huge 1 kW rig, which had walk in compartment with lots of iron scattered around the base, and used Push Pull 813s to drive push pull 833s for RF, with a pair also for audio. I have the book and parts list for it, so if anyone needs info....

Most RA1000s I have seen (photos of) have tar and oil stains on the base plate, where the various components have seeped over the years in the heat. The one I got parts off of had major arcing around the neutralization capactors and also the PP tuning capacitor (motorized double section thing). Some plates appeared to be burned off on the edges. I heard  that they took a lot of lightning hits at and also that the moron who was doing 'chief operator' duty years back didn't know how to tune it. 

This rig is a potporri of heavy iron parts that can be resurrected for other projects. The modulation reactor was a large monster, oil filled, 60 Hy. Most of it is too big to ship. Output had an overside inductor which was push pull driven and had a rotating basket coil (variometer) in the center for the 50 ohm coax output. Quite deluxe for a fully balanced antenna tuner project. 

I am slowly converting a Continental 314R1 Power Rock (Collins 828C1) to 75 meters myself. It works fine on MW, but haven't gotten the driver stage moved up yet. Another ham has just acquired one and we are both working the problem. Its not high on the home priorities right now. This is a much more compact rig than the RA1000 generation, uses 70 KHz PDM and three 3-500Z. 

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> Hi John....
> Yep retired this old  Raytheon in November of 2003. I'm hoping someone or 
> someones will jump on this.  I can't take this to NY with me. Like you say John 
> about the parts, yeah it has  a bunch of them that could come in handy for some 
> project somewhere.
> How  many ofand where do you know of any RA 1000s still on the air in some 
> sort of  capacity? I don't know of many, and the ones that I've seen were in 
> horrible  shape.
> Bob Carter -  KC4QLP
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> Hi,
> This was received from a friend who is a contract engineer. I am posting it 
> for the interest of the lovers of really heavy iron and things that glow in the 
> dark:
> <<....... I know of two RA-1000 transmitters.  The one at WNAK (Nanticoke, 
> PA) is probably repairable, I had it on the air until last Winter, when 
> something 
> shorted.   The other one is the old WCNR transmitter in Williamsport. 
> The capacitors have been removed and disposed of, and the transformers 
> are in the old tuning house (I have no idea why or how they got moved 
> there).   Both are not "pristine" each had some mods done to them. >>
> I have actually seen the WNAK rig and it is not a pretty site! It does or did 
> work, but there are gosh awful looking mods hanging all over it. It would put 
> any self respecting ham to shame he had done something like that! For that 
> matter, the transmitter site at 'NAK looks like a set from "Bride Of 
> Frankenstein!! All that is missing are the windmill blades.
> 73 and keep 'em glowing,
> John,  W4AWM

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