[AMRadio] RA-1000

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 16 04:45:50 EDT 2005

I have posted this story with pictures a few times on
here, but with the latest discussion of the old
Raytheon it's worth another ride.

Please enjoy.


Safely rescued, Kent said "It is warm and cozy and
waiting for my wife and I to finish rebuilding our

I looked up Kent, K7YXZ and briefly talked with him
soon after he acquired this beast. Perhaps he's made
some progress by now and could share what path he

Personally, I don't find the Raytheon "ugly" but its
sense of fashion does tend toward utility rather than
glamour.  I wish they had included a window to observe
the 833A.  

The RA-250 has the same shortcoming. You can hear this
one on 75m regularly in the mid-Atlantic region, from
the house of N3WWL.


Regards to all,


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