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An internet search produced a bit of trivia on the
topic of Raytheons still on the air.

(from Radio Magazine)


In the summer of 2003 we began our search to find the
oldest transmitter in daily use. We received some
submissions directly from stations, while others came
from people who suggested we contact another station.
After many phone calls and e-mails, we were able to
confirm that a Gates BC-1T was still in use at WNAH,
Nashville. We announced our finding in the Sign Off
column in the December issue.

Despite our diligent search, it seems that many
readers chose not to respond to the initial request.
Since then we have received submissions for
transmitters that predate the 1960 unit. The letter
concerning the oldest one to date follows. If you have
an older transmitter that is used as a main
transmitter, let us know at
radio at primediabusiness.com.
— Kari Taylor, associate editor

I was reading the December issue and saw the article
on the oldest transmitter in Sign Off. I have an older
one for you: WFLO-AM 870 went on the air August 1947
and we are still using the original transmitter today.
It is a Raytheon 1kW AM transmitter (model RA-1000).
Dan Churchill of Commercial Radio Company in
Cavendish, VT, has referred to this transmitter as the
Rolls Royce of transmitters. Churchill is an expert on
Raytheon transmitters and helps us whenever we have
technical problems. Our Raytheon purrs like a kitten
and its pushing 57 years of fulltime service as our
main AM transmitter.
Francis Wood
general manager
WFLO AM/FM, Farmville, VA, and and
WSVS AM, Crewe, VA

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