[AMRadio] FS: RCA ACR-155, Hammarlund SP-600, Stancor 20P,

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Aug 16 12:27:49 EDT 2005

For Sale

RCA ACR-155 Receiver. Rare 1936 ham receiver covering .55mc -  22mc in oversize desk cabinet. Styled to match RCA ACT-20 transmitter. Band switch moves complex mechanical linkage to change dial scales. Tuning knob looks like BC-348 (but it's not). Very good cosmetic condition except original. BFO on/of switch has been changed to toggle instead of  turn-type. With original manual. Tube line-up is: 2-6K7, 1-6L7, 2-6J7, 1-6H6, 1-6F5, 1-6F6, 1-5W4. Unrestored and as-is. Ever seen one of these offered for sale? Me neither. $550

Hammarlund SP-600 JX-17 receiver s/n 17890 with dual diversity options. This is a rackmount general coverage receiver .54mc-54mc. No cabinet. In Very Good cosmetic condition with some marks on panel including rack rash. All original. It has an AVC problem. Reception goes in and out when BFO is switched on and off. With photocopy manual plus original military TM 11-851 for SCR-244-D which includes several variants of the SP-600. Tube line-up is 1-5R4GY, 1-6V6, 1-0A2, 3-6AL5,    1-12AU7, 7-6BA6, 2-6BE6, 2-6C4, 1-6AH6, 1-(can't read label). $365

Stancor 20P transmitter. 1938-vintage CW/AM transmitter designed for 80-10 meters. With lots of coils but who knows if any of them are right. In truly Wow! Gorgeous, original condition with a great, maybe original black wrinkle cabinet. Electrically, it needs reworked. Some changes have been made. With manual copy and original brochure. Tube line-up is 1-807 or RK9 or HY61, 	1-6F6G, 1-6SJ7, 1-6C5, 2-6N7, 1-5Z3. Unrestored and as-is. $375

HAL DS-3100/ASR RTTY/Morse Terminal with DSK-3100 disk option. Incredible 1981-vintage green screen terminal with custom RTTY/Morse display and keyboard. The disk system uses 5.25" SSDD floppy disk drives. Has to be seen to be believed. Includes working terminal and untested DSK-3100 disk option, custom cables, connectors for all rear panel connections. Excellent cosmetic condition. I believe it is all  original. Looks like a geeky desktop green screen terminal in 2-tone brown color scheme. With all original manuals, manuals from firmware upgrades and paperwork from HAL. No tubes except CRT--all solid-state. Sold for $2,000 when new in 1981! $400

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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