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John Lyles jtml at losalamos.com
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Dan Churchill's company is Commercial Radio Company in Cavendish, VT:
John K5PRO

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> On 8/15/05, John Lyles <jtml at losalamos.com> wrote:
> >  Bob,
> > Sorry I don't have any info on who and where the RA1000s are operating, but Dan Churchill up in VT (I think) has a company that specializes in odd parts for old broadcast transmitters, and the RA1000 is one that he has parts for. I think his company told me that there are a few still shining out there in the USA, so they still service them. John W4AWM has some tips in his email on where a couple are still in place.
> <snip> 
> That's the fellow who supposedly was getting the RA-1000 I was 'sold'
> back in the 90s. Apparently the Program/Station manager had given it
> to him in exchange for servicing the other gear (unbeknowst to the
> actual station property owner who wanted me to get it out of there).
> It had been sitting there for years, I suspect he had left it in place
> with thoughts of pulling out what he needed as he needed it, since
> those at the station didn't care if it was moved or not. Think he's in
> Westminster or Ludlow area, SE of Rutland. Wonder when you last spoke
> with him? I had heard he was out of the business a couple years back.

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