[AMRadio] Re: The Tucker KW

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at swbell.net
Tue Aug 16 19:10:01 EDT 2005

On the 6M rig xtal frequencies are:
TX freq / 32.
RX freq - 5.

The book says: "The (RX) crystal oscillates on its third mechanical 
harmonic and is ground especially for use in this circuit". The IF is 5MC.

so it is really: (RX freq -5) / 3

Hmm. So do most crystals oscillate on their third harmonic well?


On the 2M rig, don't know yet about the architecture.


> From: Geoff <w5omr at satx.rr.com>
> Subject: Re: [AMRadio] Re: The Tucker KW

> Patrick Jankowiak wrote:
>>Well I have worked all day Saturday (just quit now 1AM!!) doing more 
>>cleaning in the lab. I now have the Link 250UFS, the Tucker KW, and 
>>the BTA-250L all next to each other. There are my 6M tranceiver, 80-10 
>>xmtr, and 160M xmtr respectively. The Link is FM, but I bet I could 
>>amplitude modulate it. Not sure if I want to. Is there more activity 
>>on 6M AM or FM?
> Not sure, in the North Texas area.
>>What's the consensus on freq. choices for VHF rigs that are basically 
>>fixed-frequency (meaning they take alot of hassle to re-tune)? What 
>>are the good manners for that? The simplex frequency?
> For the VHF rig, and in keeping with staying off of the simplex channel 
> 24/7, build up a xtal switch.  If you've got more than one frequency 
> pair in mind (most repeaters all nowadays use a PL tone for access, so 
> you'll be better off on simplex with that rig, anyway) you can use the 
> switch to move to whatever you have available to you.  just some xtal 
> sockets mounted on an aluminum chassis, and a rotary switch.  That's how 
> I've seen it done, even using the old Federal police 
> transmitter/reciever combos.  Back in the late 50's early 60's, those 
> were some 'boat-anchors'.  Seperate transmitter, with a 2E26 in the 
> final, and a seperate reciever, both on slides in one small(ish) box and 
> a control head to the dash, with a cable as big as a horse-... well.. 
> you get the idea.
>>I have a couple of good stable PLL based 0.5-80MHz VFOs (lab gear) 
>>that I could sub for RX and TX crystals if necessary. Talk about 
>>having to keep charts.. No rush though, still alot of cleanout left to 
> What's the rig use in it?  A frequency double-tripler circuit in the 
> transmitter?
> What's the IF freq of the reciever?
> Some recievers use a simple tripler scheme.  A calculator exercise I 
> performed with regularity, was the xtal freq of a Regency HR-2A.
> Freq - 10.7 (IF) / 3 = Xtal freq
> 146.64 - 10.7 = 135.94 /3 = 45.3133
> so...
> 146.52 would mean it's need a 45.2733333 xtal  or, something that's 
> going to oscillate at that frequency.

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