[AMRadio] Re: KD5OEI

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Aug 17 20:02:18 EDT 2005


A ham that behaves as a gentleman is a ham to me and most others, 
despite his license class.  Given your technical expertise, as evidenced 
by your postings, many people are surprised at your license class.

I have met many people without a ham license who could most of us to 
shame but they don't have the inclination to get a ticket. I believe 
many of us would like for you to get your Extra license so we could 
converse with you on the air, rather than just be these postings, which 
in many ways are impersonal.

I want to urge you to make the time to join us on the air.

73  Jim W5JO

Patrick Jankowiak wrote:
> yeah I can be a curmudgeon. But I didn't get the link between the CB 
> lingo and the tech license.
> I was touchy about the meaning of the term. Gee, is that how people see 
> the technician licensees (the 'old' meaning, i.e. ex-CBers et al)?
> I think of the CB and the ham radio as two completely different things. 
> The only thing in common is the kind of transport. But that's because I 
> look at them from an electronics-minded person's somewhat sterile point 
> of view. Politicially or socially other implications may exist.
> When I want to get on the CB, I fire up the Realistic TRC-458 on 19 and 
> check out the truck stop chatter. I'm near the intersections of two 
> major interstates. It is the CB radio.
> When I want to get on the ham radio, I fire up the Alinco DR-135 and 
> look for the DARC repeater or the MARS net if it is on, or maybe the old 
> Kenwood TS-430 and try to listen to some AM. Those are the ham radios.
> oh well.
> PJ

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