Fw: [AMRadio] BPL, ARRL on NPR Morning edition Tuesday

Milspec390 at aol.com Milspec390 at aol.com
Wed Aug 17 20:32:00 EDT 2005

BPL, and its twin mutant, HD will deny citizens access to MF thru VHF 
information via broad spectrum ubiquitous jamming. It will be at best unpleasant, if 
not impossible to hear AM or SW broadcasts.  The remaining choices will be  
'pay for our service - or do without'.

 Not knowledgeable re computers, use antique '98 HP for correspondence and 
research, probably making uninformed observation. Seems, however, other 
countries not infested with corporate greaseball cutback artistes and their public 
'partners' are way ahead. Wi-FI well along elsewhere, internet-linked laptops 
frequent sight on foreign subways, whereas here one can't count on cell service 

   If BPL and IBOC aren't schemes to deny citizens access to radio-borne 
information via jamming so as to drive them to paid subscription service, one can 
only ask, how better would one plan it?

Paul Vincent Zecchino
Mansoviet Key, FL

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