Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 18 15:46:36 EDT 2005

I would encourage listeners in the amateur community to augment Ed's 
rebuttal - they clearly cropped his comments so sharply that they lost much 
of the impact they should have had in a balanced presentation of the story.

NPR.ORG has a very accessible e-mail form, and they accept letters from 
listeners and read a few of them over the air every week.

Be polite, avoid jargon, but let them know what a bad job they did, even in 
the likely case that they will choose not to air your letter.

>Nice to hear Ed Hare and what he was allowed to
>explain about interference issues.
>It was a damn small sound bite, and editorially seemed
>to be an afterthought to a very promotional thrust in
>the NPR story. Somebody probably told the reporter
>"Hey don't you need some balance in this?" and there
>you have it.
>I remain convinced the group in Newington shot itself
>in the foot on the BPL issue by portraying it as a
>problem for ham radio. It allowed all manner of
>critics to size it up as troubling only to an
>eccentric group of guys playing radio. Too late now,
>but the stronger approach would have taken Ed Hare's
>good work documenting the interference problem and
>then mounted a campaign to show how a variety of HF
>users shall be affected by the problem. The NPR story
>is the latest example of how the problem is marginalized.

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