[AMRadio] Need Info on Kenyon and Other Chokes

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Aug 24 12:26:27 EDT 2005


20 henries, 50 ma., 1000 Volt insulation and 200 ohm resistance.

The number 2704P is probably not a Kenyon number, but don't have 
time to research at the moment.  Will do so later if no one 
answers before.

73  Jim

David Hollander wrote:
> Anyone have info on a Kenyon choke with the number T-157?
> Also have a pair of chokes with the number 2704P and no other markings.
> Anyone have spec info on the Kenyon chokes and maybe recognize the 2704P?
> Could not find anything on BAMA or with a google search
> Thanks,
> Dave

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