[AMRadio] FS: 1930's Homebrew Station

k1kq at motorhomesusa.com k1kq at motorhomesusa.com
Wed Aug 24 12:38:37 EDT 2005

   I assume this is in PA for pick up? Do you have any pictures?
   I  do collect this stuff, my latest is an original owner/hom brew Xmtr
   I  acquired. In the rack is a 700 watt 2/6 meter amp and a 1kw HF amp.
   And I would be interested in your comments on the design it appears to
   be to you.

   Take a look at.

   Roger Agnew
   K1KQ - Austin, TX
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   > Subject: [AMRadio] FS: 1930's Homebrew Station
   > From: "Merz Donald S" <merz.ds at mellon.com>
   > Date: Wed, August 24, 2005 9:43 am
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   > For Sale
   >  This  is  a classic 1930's homebrew station with the following four
   >  ARRL  1936  Two-Tube  Receiver.  This  is  a  homebrew 1936-vintage
   regenerative receiver built from plans in the 1936
   >  ARRL  Handbook,  Page  97. It's extra-nice and beautifully built in
   every respect. Very good or excellent
   >  looking  receiver  built  in a National C-SRR black wrinkle cabinet
   with 2 Crowe "airplane" dials. Untested. Tube lineup is 1-58 and 1-56.
   >  National  7180B  doghouse  power supply for the receiver. This is a
   1929-vintage  B-eliminator  made  by  National radio. The first of the
   "doghouse"  power  supplies.  It's  in  very good or excellent looking
   condition but untested. Tube line-up is 1-80.
   >  Homebrew #10 Hartley Transmitter. Built from plans in the 1931 ARRL
   Handbook.  Looks  exactly  like  RX pictured in book. Using single #10
   tube  and  2  plug-in  coils.  Breadboard-style.  This  was built as a
   nostalgia  project  using  period  components. It's in perfect working
   condition. Tube line-up is 1-10.
   >  Homebrew  power  supply  for  the transmitter. This is a breadboard
   supply  using  a  1930's  Thordarson  transformer  and 2 large, square
   1930's  caps,  one  of  which  has split open. There is a socket for 1
   4-pin  rectifier.  But  it  had no tube in it when I got it and I have
   never  run  this  supply.  As-is.  Needs  cleaned  up.  Board used for
   breadboard is unfinished and not great.
   >  Also  included  is  a 1930's brown bakelite T/R switch. This is the
   fancy, humpback-style knife-switch with the big, square knob.
   > All 4 components--a complete station needing very little work to put
   on the air: $429 plus shipping.
   > Thanks for looking.
   > 73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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