[AMRadio] how-to fix a ceramic/metal air variable capacitor

Byron Lichtenwalner w3wkr at verizon.net
Thu Aug 25 01:57:08 EDT 2005

Love what you have done on the cap.

Think I would have "reinforced" the nut with a tight bit of hobby brass
tubing slipped over the nut to prevent the next screw adjusting from
breaking it entirely apart.
Byron, W3WKR
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Subject: [AMRadio] how-to fix a ceramic/metal air variable capacitor

> This is not specifically related to either list, but I thought I would
> how I just fixed a snall transmitting air variable cap. I hope it is
> helpful to anyone who has had this happen. If nothing else, it saved me
> from having to use a substitute or take one from another complete radio
> Repairing the cap:
> http://rawfire.torche.com/~opcom/caprep/index.html
> Here is a rack of nice ITT FAA AM and GE FM commo gear I just put
> http://rawfire.torche.com/~opcom/uvrack1/index.html
> It's too hot outside, so been playing indoors...
> Patrick
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