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Really?  You are breaking this radio into parts and then selling it?  How 
much for the power cable?

At 09:54 PM 08/29/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>Comes with the original manual and Yaesu Desk
>This is a heavy duity radio and is in
>exceptionally fine condition.
>This is the Star of the old-time Yaesu rigs with
>plenty of power.
>Collector quality. I have never seen one that is
>in this clean of a condition.
>Has a whopping 560 watts p.e.p. input power on SSB
>on the ham bands from 80 through 10m.
>The Yaesu FTdx560 is a 20 tube transceiver with
>the exception of 4 transistors used in the vfo
>and the crystal calibrator circuits and a solid
>state AC power supply.
>The AC power supply is built in and not seperate
>like some of the early transceivers making it
>a favorite for portable and field day operations.
>It is rated at 560 watts input on SSB and 500
>watts on CW.
>It uses two 6KD6's as the final amplifiers. The
>bands covered are 80 through 10 meters (no warc
>as well as WWV and two aux positions which could
>be used for CB or addition of a warc band.
>The rig features 100khz and 25khz calibrators as
>well as R.I.T. and the capability to use an
>external vfo (FV400) for crossband operation.
>These transceivers were manufactured in Japan
>in the early 1970s.
>Yeasu FTDX560 Transceiver - $345.00 plus shipping.
>Original Yaesu FTdx560 Manual - $25.00 plus
>UD-844 Desk Microphone - $85.00 plus shipping.
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