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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Fri Dec 2 10:03:39 EST 2005

For Sale: More Parts

A Box of Centralab. This includes 70 NOSB ceramic switch wafers of type U, UD, VD, GG, T, P, Q and so forth. Also included are 6 PA-4000 1 pole 2-23 pos, shorting phenolic switches. Finally, there's two K-123 "switchkit index assemblies. I believe all the parts are NOSB. The boxes are almost all in excellent shape. $17/all

A Box of Miller--Mostly Chokes. 6 4646E ,24mh, 160ma RF chokes, two 9014 2.1 mh to 8mh adjustable chokes, five 4629E 55uh 500ma RF choke, two 9012 .18mh to .8mh adjustable choke, three 9013 .57mh to 2.8mh adjustable RF choke, one 9003 .57mh to 2.8mh adjustable choke, one 6310 50mh 65ma RF choke, two 9011 40uh to .24mh adjustable choke. Also included are 6 9220-02 micro-mite 300uh @.79mc chokes, 6 9220-00micro-mite 270uh @.79mc chokes and 6 9220-30 micro-mite 1100uh @.25mc chokes. Additionally, there's a Miller 7865 Hash Filter Choke (250ma) and a Miller 1461-BS 3-gang FM condenser 6.6 to 23uf. All NOSB with boxes in good shape. $23/all

A Jar of Low Voltage Electrolytics. 16 1000uf at 15V-made by Siemens. $1/all

A Bunch of Vari-L Inductors. These were apparently used in sweep circuits. 7 NOSB small MF-58 types, plus 8 large SD-118 and similar types, four PA-56 types without the box and some loose other inductors. These are heavy. The box weighs about 10 pounds. $10

14 Argonne "transistor transformers". These are NOS, each in its plastic case with instruction sheet. They are all marked INPUT. I won't list the numbers since no one would probably recognize them anyway. $9/all

Package of about 25 "Clairex Photoconductive Cell" type CL5M4L. These are 1 inch long black tubes, slightly larger in diameter than a pencil, with a lamp in one end and a photocell in the other. All NOSB. $10/all

B&W Model FL-10/1500 "TVI Filter". Is this a low pass filter? I'm not sure. Like new. $7

Micronta FS/SWR "CB Meter" with instructions, missing wire antenna. Good shape. $2

AEA PK-12. I assume this is a packet modem? Untested. 25-pin connector to PC and 5-pin connector to radio. Requires 13VDC wall wart (not included). $5

LARGE, large, large ceramic coil. This huge coil is mounted on 2 phenolic brackets at each end. The coil is 12-3/4 inches long and 5 inches in diameter. It is wound in 2 sections. The 7 inch long winding looks to be #16 or #18 stranded wire. It is tapped in six places. The 3.5 inch winding is wound with larger wire--#14 maybe, also stranded. It has 10 taps. All the taps are brought out to a phenolic board that runs along one side of the coil between the two mounting brackets. The phenolic board has ceramic-mounting studs for each tap along with some extras for strapping purposes. Some straps are present and they are stamped A through E. As you can imagine, this RF transformer is awesome. But used for what? I can find no manufacturer marking on it nor any signs that it might be military. For the adventurer. $27

Bud MC-1859 235 mmfd Midget Condenser. NOSB. $5

UTC "TVC-4 Hermetic Variductor tapped at 30% and 50%, Mean Hy .1". $2

About 50 Western Electric Relays Model D163781. These look like metal octal tubes with a bump on top. They plug into an octal tube socket.  Orange Navy anchor symbol stamped on them-so the are ex-military. $15/all

Collection of early solid state devices made by RCA, Motorola and Zenith. Two RCA 40423 transistors -packaged in what look like octal tube boxes. There's also 8 RCA transistors packaged in red and black boxes with the RCA meatball logo.  Two zenith transistors marked as replacement parts and two boxes of 20 each Motorola MPF 121 solid state devices of unknown usage-they are like square chips with 4 leads. $10/all

Helipot multi-turn potentiometers-all NOSB. Two 50K, .15% linearity, 1 50K, 5% lin., 2 10K, 5%, 3 5K, 5%. $10/all.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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