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W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Sat Dec 3 08:28:02 EST 2005

Brian Carling wrote:

>It's the 15 minute transmission with lots of silence, sniffing and 
>scratching,( while the other guys in the roundtable are itching to 
>say something interesting)   that occasionally bugs me (about ince 
>every two or three years - grin!)
>"By the way Geoff, you are 40 over 9. Am I louder than the other 
>signals?  Back over to ya!"  (grin)

Not everyone on Radio is an accomplished oratator/commontator.   We Hams 
are just regular spuds. <insert canned laughter here>

Seriously, not all of us are born with the 'gift of gab'.  Nor have we 
been to Broadcasters School to learn how to talk without injecting a lot 
of "uhh..'s", "Well, I...", "and, uhm...'s"  or "how about it, there?  
did you see that, there? look over there, there."

Look, guys.. it says right there on our license.. "AMATUER!"  No where 
does it say "professional radio operator".

Lighten up, have a great time, enjoy the wintertime conditions, quit 
-looking- for things to bitch about, and put a smile on yer face, and be 
thankful we're all in this GREAT Hobby of Ham Radio together!

73 = Best Regards,

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