[AMRadio] Long-Winded Transmitions

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Sat Dec 3 21:24:48 EST 2005

I remember Paul, WA5FHP. A friend of mine had a tape of him chewing out some
slopbuckets. He had some big Collins AM rig. He used to be on 3950 in the
afternoons and weekends. Wonder when he went SK?
                             Joe W4AAB
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> Does anyone in the southeast remember Paul, WA5FHP, from Dequincy, La?
> Excluding the "broadcasts of K1 You Know Who, Paul was "responsible" for
> two longest transmitions I have ever heard on the ham bands. Both occurred
> on 75 meters.
> During one of these "radio half hours," he read the transcript of a
> conservative radio program called "Life Line." This program was only 15
> minutes including the commercial breaks. But, in a style which would make
> Rush proud, he concluded the transmition by telling all who were listening
> just what we were to think of what he had read. That one lasted at least
> minutes.
> His other marathon occurred one newyear's eve when he was obviously very
> much into the egg nog. I don't know what he was using for a transmitter
> night, but that signal was also the widest non-cb am signal I have ever
> heard.
> He would often play portions of Justin Wilson or Dave Gardner comedy
> during his qsos.
> When I was first licensed, he was one of about 4 AM stations who could
> my Ranger and very low dipole from Mississippi. When he was not on his
> soapbox, or up to his ears in the pickle barrel, he was actually a pretty
> good qso.
> It's hard to believe that those incidents occurred nearly 40 years ago!
> Mike Duke, K5XU
> American Council of Blind Radio Amateurs
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