[AMRadio] Loop antenna feed question

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Sun Dec 4 13:34:24 EST 2005

   Well - my Valiant is putting out stable rated power on all bands - this 
morning I'll suss out where the audio is disappearing to - should be ready 
for Air then...  now to turn to the Radiator.

    I'm still in the 'steep' part of the EasyNEC learning curve - and I've 
gone through the several ARRL antenna books - so I'm properly confused.

  I have a loop of 14ga hard copper wire around the rear of my propery, 
attached (with insulators spaced at abt 8' apart) to the fence - of about 
450 feet diameter, and nearly (but not quite) square. It is about 5' above 
the ground, except for one leg which is attached to the house, where it is 
about 7'.  I am feeding it with 450-ohm ladder-line. My Question to the 
Antenna Gurus is this:  At the feed-point, should I maintain the 
ladder-line spacing where it joins the loop ends, or should there be an 
angle, ie. should the loop ends be wider than the feedline pitch - and if 
so, what should the included angle of the feedline 'transistion' be...?

   I've approached this from two or three analytical directions, and of 
course have different (and somewhat exclusive) "answers"....  so I'm 
Learning, which is a good thing.


John  KB6SCO

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