[AMRadio] Loop antenna feed question

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Sun Dec 4 20:12:07 EST 2005

LB Cebik, W4RNL, on his web site, talking about Cloud Warmers, indicates 35
feet as the accepted height for a 75m loop. I am planning a loop for 160m at
just a little over that height.
                                 Joe W4AAB
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> John,
> Hmmm.... 450" loop at 5'.   Feedpoint impedance would vary all over the
> depending on frequency.   Do you transmitting on this setup, and if so,
> you using some kind of an antenna tuner, balanced output or single ended,
> long is the feedline, and what frequencies do you intend to use?   In any
> can't see that fanning out at the feedpoint would be necessary or useful.
> Dennis D. W7QHO
> Glendale, CA
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