[AMRadio] Re: Valiant and Loop progress

ne1s ne1s at neandertech.com
Mon Dec 5 12:48:42 EST 2005


I'm working on a Vaiant* for a friend, and I ended up using eight 680pf @ 
1KV in series-parallel (4 parallel pairs in series). The caps I used were 
the CDE "snubber" caps, available from Mouser. Between these and the 
analogous 40 meter fixed caps, it the total was around $60. But, they are 
working well - no flames, smoke, or bad odors :>) 



John Lawson writes: 

>  So the Valiant is putting out 100 - 130 watts into my load or antenna on 
> all bands - I put it back in it's cabinet (mistake..) and cabled it up. 
> Having previously set the mod bias, I tuned 'er up, opened the Audio pot, 
> gave a couple of whistles and the 160/80 M capacitor stack "deviated from 
> spec" in a rather spectacular and stinky fashion.  O well - at least I 
> understand completely what needs to be done - and about $60 worth of the 
> correct RF units will be delivered to me on Tuesday.  Wouldn't have been 
> so much, but I bought heavier than required and also spares, just in 
> case....

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