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Tue Dec 6 00:12:44 EST 2005

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> I would like to have one antenna that is resonant on 80 and 40 meters
> without an antenna tuner, that fits in the 90 foot space.

How about an end fed wire 125' -130' long strung up in an inverted-L 
configuration.   Would operate as a half wave on 80 and a full wave on 40.   Requires 
a "tuner" but a simple L network will provide a match to 50 ohms.   Since the 
feed is at a voltage loop on both bands an extensive ground system would NOT 
be required, a ground stake and/or the plumbing and heating ducts in your house 
should serve just fine.

I've used such a system for the last 10 years at two different locations with 
excellent results.   Components with adequate voltage ratings will be 
required for high power, of course.   I currently use my wire as a quarter wave on 
160M too which does require a bunch of ground radials and a different feed 
network.   Can provide additional details if interested.

Dennis D. W7QHO
Glendale, CA

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