[AMRadio] Valiant and Loop progress

W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Tue Dec 6 07:23:00 EST 2005

Brett gazdzinski wrote:

> <>The yard is about 160 feet on all 3 sides, and is shaped just like a 
> slice
> of pizza.
> The house (brick ranch) sits half way, the front is a street (crust).
> There are a lot of trees, but most are close to the house or lower.
> There is a big oak at the tip of the slice, but that is only going to 
> get me
> another 5 feet, and its not as good of a support as the cedar.
> The wire would be in the branches, the cedar is compact...
> I don't want to put anything on the roof, the chimney wont support 
> anything,
> and its off to the side.
> I know the way to go is to put up as much wire as I can and feed it with
> open wire line into a tuner, but I don't want RF in the shack, or have to
> tune
> up an antenna when I switch between 80 and 40.
> I have separate stations for 80 and 40, so no tune up needed there.
> I once tried the open wire line into the heathkit antenna tuner, and 
> it just
> smoked
> the crappy balun, I would have to build a real balanced tuner.
> Tricky to build one that is shielded and adjustable...

Keep on with thie list of things you don't want, or won't put up with, 
and you'll force yourself to you only solution ;-)

Move the pole on the side of the house, to the middle of the back of the 
house.  Use whatever methods to extend the top of this mast to 60'.  
Twist the pole until it's in the ground a good foot or so, secure this 
pole to the eave of the house, then from about another 10' up from the 
eave, secure the pole with UV resistant rope, to both sides of the house 
and Secure the ropes the eave of the house,  Use the pole to support the 
apex of a pair of dipoles.  the 75m dipole should run from the Cedar 
Tree, across the top of the house, out towards the street.  Put the 40m 
dipole on the same pole, fed with a different run of coax, but run the 
40m dipole at 90 degree angles to the existing 75m dipole.  Use some 
more of the UV resistant rope and tie one end to the center insulators, 
and run it through a pulley, so you can work on the dipole with having 
to climb up the pole.

That's one way.

In my case, I had the same concerns about RF in the shack... I put 
thetuner on a shelf near the wall where the coax comes in - there's 
*maybe* 6 ~ 8" of ladderline in the shack.  The Heathkit tuner is 
grounded. I don't know which Heathkit tuner you've had, but I've pumped 
1,500 watts of CARRIER into this one (after it was tuned for minimum 
SWR) into a dumy load and Modulated it.  I'm still using the tuner.  If 
you ddin't build it, then I'd say that the balun wasn't crappy, rather 
that the builder's technique might have been nothing to be desired.


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