[AMRadio] Valiant and Loop progress

W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Tue Dec 6 12:48:58 EST 2005

Anthony W. DePrato wrote:

>> Old age is a bummer. i forgot to add that i get reducers for the 
>> conduit pipe so that they will fit together. I end up with around 
>> $100.00 bucks in a 60 foldover mast. you can also put a small yagi 
>> for vhf on top if you want.. i have also installed  108 in whips for 
>> a top hat and since the mast is not gounded installed a loading coil 
>> at the base and used as a vertical on 80 and 160. but then you get 
>> into putting out a good radial system. bottom line is you have a 
>> little of both worlds.. dipoles that you can change for the ground 
>> with the pulleys and a 60 ft vertical. .

My next suggestion was going to be the 2x4 mast. 

I'm thinking that in order to get near 60', Brett might have to use (4) 
20' 2x4's.

Start with a single 2x4 in the ground, then have it be the center board 
between a pair of 2x's, with all three bolted togther, and another 
single 2x at the top.  1 foo or so in the ground, 6' per connection, the 
total height would be around 58'... high enough for 75m.

After the boards were layed out, and drilled, I, personally, would  coat 
the thing in 2 coats of wood sealant/primer, and two coats of 
weatherproof, exterior house paint to protect the wood from the elements 
for as long as possible.

The other alternative is to get a few joints of EMT.  They come with one 
end threaded and are joinable, end-to-end.  Drill a hole at the top, add 
a couple of pulleys, yank up them antennae!

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