[AMRadio] Apache TX-1 Drive pot

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Tue Dec 6 13:52:56 EST 2005

That's got to be 5 watts. No way it would need to be 50 watts. I'd go with the SS replacement. Look it up under DX-100 mods on the AM Window.

Darrell, WA5VGO

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Jim Wilhite wrote:

> You can get them from Mouser or Digi-Key
> Subject: [AMRadio] Apache TX-1 Drive pot
>> Does anyone have one of these? Drive Control pot for the Heahtkit 
>> Apache TX-1 transmitter?
>> If so, contact John/K5FTN.
>> thanks.

Mouser only has 25k 25w pots.

John/K5FTN says he needs a 30k @ 50w pot for the Apache TX-1 xmtr.

Digi-Key only goes up to 10k in 50w pots.

Someone sent a solid-state replacement for that in the list, and I've 
not been able to find that message, again.

If you would, please.. re-send?



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