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Thu Dec 8 04:02:56 EST 2005

I believe the variety that Geoff is referring to is more like schedule 40 galvanized pipe.

The EMT is entirely too thin to be threaded.  It is as Geoff says, too light to support itself.

The EMT I've worked with can be bent pretty easily by hand.  The type of conduit that Geoff is referring to, takes a GOOD bit of force to bend.  We used to use a hydraulic hand pump system to bend that stuff.

Brett could even look at an old 1975 ARRL Handbook or an Antenna Handbook from around the same era.  They had/have a wood structure antenna support in there.  It was three pieces, bolted so that two pieces were the bottom part, with the third piece botled between them to stand straight up.  The two bottom pieces were spread at the bottom to keep it from going side to side.  You could work it out to sort of be a fold over setup.

Bob - N0DGN

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> Edward B Richards wrote: 
> >Electrical Metalic Tubing. Also known as thin wall conduit. 
> > 
> I used to sell and deliver the stuff.. The EMT I'm referring to, are 
> the 3" and 4" I.D. that was threaded one end and had a built-in coupler 
> at the other - not quite so thin. They come in 10' and 20' sections, 
> and are not bad for weight. 
> 3 and 4" ID tubing is much better rated for a support of some antenna, 
> than that small thin-wall stuff you guys are thinking about. The thin 
> stuff is the stuff that's used in some houses/businesses as wiring 
> conduit. For more than a 20' run, that stuff can't support itself, let 
> alone anything else. 
> Geoff/W5OMR 
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