[AMRadio] Purchase Of E.F. Johnson Viking II w/VFO,

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Dec 8 17:56:42 EST 2005

Hey Bob, hope to hear you soon from Mountainair.  Don't know your schedule, 
but 75 will be good for the shorted distances in the early afternoon around 
3:30 or so and up to mid mornings as well.

There is a pretty large group of Colorado, NM, Wyoming, and Nebraska hams on 
3.875 in the mornings.  They get started about 7:30 MST I think. Watch for 
them as well as getting into Texas and Oklahoma groups.

Congrats on the acquisition and hope it last as long as you.

73  Jim

> To All-
> Hi! I just thought I would let everyone know that this
> past week, I purchased a complete AM
> transmitter/receiver station w/accessories! It is very
> similar to the one I had in New Jersey as WA2CXS in my
> senior year of high school 1968. I purchased a
> partially restored (LV-HV filters, screen bias
> resistor) Johnson Viking II with matching external VFO
> just off the air and working. Also the receiver is a
> National NC-109 (I had a NC-300 in 1968 strictly ham
> bands). The accessories include a Hallicrafters HA-1
> keyer, D-104 Astatic unamplified mike, and a TR
> homebrew switch. All for $200.00 cash!!! Needless to
> say I am ecstatic on getting back on HF AM after all
> these years with my near exact second ham radio
> station. My first one as a Novice WN2CXS was a
> Heathkit DX-60B transmitter and Lafayette HA-63
> general coverage receiver September, 1967.
> I am picking up these electronic treasures Friday and
> brining them home. I next need to string up my G5RV
> antenna and setup my operating table.
> See you on the HF AM frequencies, especially 75 and 40
> meters, soon.
> Best 73's,
> Bob K5SEP
> Kilowatt Five Sporadic E Propagation

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