[AMRadio] ARRL band width plan not accepted

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 9 08:28:25 EST 2005

Pete, WA2CWA is using a tactic often seen when
criticism backs someone against the wall -- he uses a
distracting topic to try to steer the conversation
away from the subject at hand.

The proposal I helped write (to which he has referred)
has been comprehensively vetted after the group I was
involved with this past summer filed it as a Petition
with the FCC and published it in the same venues where
Pete participates. 

We have been receptive to support and criticism, and
both are appreciated, have been responded to, and
remain registered in how we will move forward should
the FCC accept the proposal for formal Comment.

None of that has to do with our collective review here
and elsewhere of the bandwidth scheme that more
recently came from the group in Newington, unless of
course Pete, in his mind, has elevated the stature of
the seven-member Communications Think Tank to the same
level as the publishing, membership and subscription
group known as the ARRL.

In that case, thanks for the compliment.

To bring us back to the subject matter we are
discussing today, I again submit this nugget I found
penned by Mike, W8MW and posted to one of the threads
on QRZ.com  He has summed up very well the sentiment
against the League's proposal that Pete, and a few
others, are failing to defend on its own merits.


Mike W8MW said --

IMHO, attempts to tweak the league's petition cannot
mitigate the flawed process that produced a biased
plan.  Among the many mis-steps of the digital
committee, they took it upon themselves to mingle in
the operating interests of legacy mode operators.  A
handful of individuals not sharing these interests is
intent on placing new restrictions on them.  I see
this as arrogance to the extreme from those
individuals and a serious lapse in stewardship by the
league.  So now there's a petition seeking to regulate
us all, based on the views of a few and lacking
benefit of a fair and reasonable process involving all

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