[AMRadio] Who Sets the AM Window Frequencies?

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Dec 11 22:13:01 EST 2005

Mike, since AM is an accepted and legal mode, there is no AM "window"  The 
ARRL band plan lists calling frequencies, which means we should make contact 
and QSY to another clear frequency.

First of all, the band plan is not a legal document.  Secondly, if people 
did as the suggestion, you would hear AM QSOs through the phone portion of 
the bands.  The frequencies that are listed usually wind up being the ones 
where contacts are established and people stay there.

The movement you mention is because a individual or group pick a frequency 
to meet and most AMers then think of that as an AM frequency or "window".

Use any frequency you choose and move about.

73  Jim

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> I'm just curious to know about how the current AM window frequencies were
> determined.
> The one for 15 meters appears to have drifted up and down the band over
> several years.
> I recall it being 21.330 one year, then 21.390, 21.415, 21.430, and now
> apparently 21.425.
> I'm delighted to see the recent attempts at activity on 15 meters, and 
> will
> make additional comments relative to that band later.
> Mike Duke, K5XU

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