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Bob Bruhns bbruhns at erols.com
Tue Dec 13 18:17:27 EST 2005

Hi John,

That looks good!  I have a collection of the various
posts I have made over the past years, and there are a
few recent ones that I need to download and save before
the next board crashes, or the next site closes, etc.
I should make them into a notebook and they should go
into collections in various forms, along with other
people's work, on various sites, so that this stuff
doesn't get lost.  It took forty years of study to
learn all of this, and the new guys don't know about

BAMA is a real shame.  It looks like it got hacked, and
now it's not all there.  What a loss.  I recently just
wanted to look at a Valiant schematic because somebody
had asked something about it, and it was no go anywhere
on the net, unless I wanted to buy a manual.  I checked
other documents, and they were gone too.

  Bacon, WA3WDR

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> It was brought to my attention that my web page was
really behind and
> that I had left out some links to some very important
stuff that Bacon
> had done so I have corrected it now I hope.
> http://www.qsl.net/wa5bxo
> and
> http://www.qsl.net/wa5bxo/amtech.html
> Let me know if it is all OK now.
> John, WA5BXO
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