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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Dec 13 19:14:54 EST 2005


If needed I will scan and email the schematic.

73  Jim

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> Hi John,
> That looks good!  I have a collection of the various
> posts I have made over the past years, and there are a
> few recent ones that I need to download and save before
> the next board crashes, or the next site closes, etc.
> I should make them into a notebook and they should go
> into collections in various forms, along with other
> people's work, on various sites, so that this stuff
> doesn't get lost.  It took forty years of study to
> learn all of this, and the new guys don't know about
> it.
> BAMA is a real shame.  It looks like it got hacked, and
> now it's not all there.  What a loss.  I recently just
> wanted to look at a Valiant schematic because somebody
> had asked something about it, and it was no go anywhere
> on the net, unless I wanted to buy a manual.  I checked
> other documents, and they were gone too.
>  Bacon, WA3WDR

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