Brian Sherrod arksky at alltel.net
Thu Dec 15 19:19:13 EST 2005

To all members of the AMRadio List;

The AMRadio list will soon have it's own dedicated list server!  There will no longer
be other lists running concurrently, sending and receiving mail to slow things down
is the case with the qth.net server.  QTH.NET has served us well since 2001 however,
and I appreciate Al Waller's contribution to amateur radio.

This change will not affect much in regard to what you see except for faster posting
of emails to the list.  You should notice that when you send an email to the list
it will be returned to you _from_ the list MUCH faster than before.

The other reason I wanted to do this was to have more control over the list archives.
I will now be able to setup a "search engine" for all members that will allow you to
find keywords within the archives.  In the meantime, I have also been downloading ALL
the old archive off qth.net which go back to Dec. of 2002.  There are over 8050
archived posts many of which are extremely valuable from a technical standpoint.

As soon as I have the search engine setup, I will post the address to this.

I will post another message to the list as soon as the new list server is ready.  All
members will be transferred to the new list, so you will not have to do anything,
except those who have setup special options, such as digest mode.  For the those
all you will need to do is edit your settings as before.

There will be a new email address to send list mail to.  I will also post this
address when
everything is ready, so you can update your address book, etc.  Be sure you do this,
posting to the old address will be posting to a dead list.  I will send out two or
three reminders
on the old list prior to this transition.

On another important note; I have asked Paul/wa3vjb to assist me in admin type things
due to the fact I am not always around to keep an eye out.  He has graciously
accepted, and I am in his debt.  Thanks Paul!

Please stay tuned!
Brian / w5ami

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