[AMRadio] plate transformer specs

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Thu Dec 15 23:05:39 EST 2005

Try sending an email to Peter Dahl.  He may know something about Super.

After that, time for the ohmmeter, lamp, voltmeter, ampmeter and some educated guesses on hooking it up.  Once it is producing voltage then load it with a bank of your 200 watt resistors and let it run.  Get the temperature up to 150 F or so and there is your continuous power level.  Weight and age are also an indicator of power, ie old heavy is less power than new heavy.

73, Larry  K2LT
> From: Edward B Richards <zuu6k at juno.com>
> Date: 2005/12/16 Fri AM 01:23:15 WET
> To: amradio at mailman.qth.net
> Subject: [AMRadio] plate transformer specs
> Hi all;
> Does anyone have the specifications for a plate transformer made by Super
> Electric Products Corporation, model 466-T-1 ? Thank you and Merry
> Christmas.
> 73, Ed Richards, K6UUZ
> Simi Valley, California, 93065
> Home of Air Force 1 Pavilion
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