[AMRadio] Politically Correct Holiday Greetings

George KB2Z Thermionic_Emission at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 20 06:30:30 EST 2005

Hey Craig,
Does that mean you were "editorially challenged", or challenged editorially?
I miss the good old days when you could call a spade, a spade, 
without offending the pick or hoe.
Happy Holidays, George

At 04:08 PM 12/19/05, you wrote:
>I love it!
>I'm the public affairs director of a large non-profit agency in 
>Washington, DC. One of my responsibilities is editing our monthly 
>magazine.  Last year, at the direction of our Executive Director, I 
>included holiday greetings in the magazine accompanied by a small 
>graphic. It was a nice, simple and warmly artistic lit photograph of 
>a Christmas candle next to a Hanukah menorah.  Subsequently, I 
>received angry missives from followers of the Christian, Jewish and 
>Islamic faiths as well as a celebrant of Kwanzaa for either a) 
>juxtaposing their symbol next to the "opposition", or b) excluding 
>their symbol from the graphic.  (What's the Kwanzaa icon, by the 
>way, a "Kwanzaa Hut"?)  :-)
>No greetings this year...
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