[AMRadio] Re: [Johnson] WTB Broadcast Mic 'boom arm'

Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Thu Dec 22 05:22:01 EST 2005

Speaking of boom arm microphones.

If anyone would like it, I have one Turner SR785 mic left that 
is on a gooseneck.  This is still a pretty convenient way to get 
the mic up in the air off the operating desk.

If anyone would like it they can have it for $19.00 plus shipping. 
(new in the box with data sheet)

73 & Happy Holidays to all.


On 20 Dec 2005 at 20:07, John Lawson wrote:

>   Looking to find (and buy) one of those spring-loaded arms that are seen 
> in radio studios keeping an EV off the desk.
>    I have an EV (668) and I'd like to get it and it's stand off my desk.
>    If you have one of those 'boom arms' that looks like an architectural 
> light arm, but beefier - and would like to make it 'go away' - please drop 
> me a line Privately Off-List and we'll go from there.
>    The Valiant has settled into a nice 'groove' - I've gotten several good 
> signal reports and worked several stations from California to Wisconsin. 
> Next project is to get my second Ranger talking to the Ameritron AL80 so I 
> can get closer to burning my fence down... ;}
>    Cheers and Best of the Season!
> John  KB6SCO
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