[AMRadio] WTB Ameritron AL-80 manual/schematic

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Dec 23 23:03:31 EST 2005

  After combing thru the Usual Suspects, I am unable to locate an 
Operator's Manual and/or Service Manual-Schematics for an Ameritron 
AL-80. (Single meter, 3-500Z) This includes BAMA and Ameritron...

   Note: this is a substantially different rig from the AL-80A/B/etc., for 
which documentation is plentiful on BAMA and elsewhere.

   Would prefer to buy originals, or can copy/scan your manuals and then 
return them.

Please reply privately OFF-LIST to me.

Cheers and Best of the Season!

John  KB6SCO

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