[AMRadio] That damn Santa

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Sun Dec 25 02:59:17 EST 2005

   Came in the shack when I wasn't looking and did Something Very Bad to my 
beloved R-388 -

   Symptoms - rushing noise in speaker (RF gain adjusts), BFO works, no 
crystal cal, no sigs on any band.

  Voltages normal.

  PTO 6BA6s both check at about 70% of full Gm. VR tube is lit and +150.3 
volts is going to the PTO. PTO tube fils are lit.

  No signal is observable coming from the PTO at pin 1 of the 6BE6 third 
mixer, but neither did I lift the line and check it, in case C184 or C168 
are shorted.

  But I'm thinking I might be getting really depressed for Christmas, if 
the damn PTO has become an SK on me...     damn....

   Anybody have any experience to the contrary??  It's too late and I'm not 
in the mood to dig around in it anymore tonight, but I really love this 
radio - been with me 15 years now...   ;{

    Cheers and have a Merry Christmas, anyway...

  John  KB6SCO

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