[AMRadio] Broadacst Electronics cart machine info

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Mon Dec 26 17:18:59 EST 2005

Hi John you can send an e mail to BE...They still offer tech support and
manuals on all of that stuff...I just got a manual for an outdated Gates

Mod Monitor....Rather pricy but worth it..

Bob W1PE

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   Another 'week off from work' project - I latched onto a pretty nice,
miles" five-slot BE cart machine a while ago, with several hundred carts

from the 80s, commercials, songs, bumpers, PSAs, etc.

   I was just searching for some info on this unit, and did not find 
anaything in any of the places I know. BE's site is of no help, since
machine was made in early 87.

   It is a model 900-5502-010.  I'd like to find the pinouts for the
on the back (one for each channel) at least, but a schematic/svc/ops 
manual would be cool, too.

    Cheers and Best of the Season

John  KB6SCO
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