[AMRadio] AM Event on 160

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 27 00:12:35 EST 2005

This Thursday, 29 DE 05 starting at 0200 GMT, is once-a-year AM Night on the 
Greater Cincinnati Amateur Radio Association Net on 1936 kHz.  The net meets 
every Thursday of  the year at that time and frequency, but normally the net 
is SSB-only.  Once a year, the last Thursday of the year, it becomes an 
all-AM net.  The only exception is when Xmas falls on a Thursday, the net 
doesn't meet, and AM night is the Thursday before Xmas.

The net started out in 1936, providing emergency communications during the 
great 1936-37 flood.  Someone decided to commemorate the year by choosing 
the frequency of 1936 kHz, and the net continued to operate regularly on 
that frequency until WW2.  After the war, due to the LORAN restrictions, the 
net no longer operated.  But in 1986, coincidentally the 50th anniversary of 
the flood, as 1900-2000 was restored to amateur use, the net was restarted 
on its original frequency.

Net control Thursday night will be Bill, NM4A who operates from northern KY.

All stations with 160m AM capability are encouraged to participate in this 
special annual AM event.

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