[AMRadio] RCA Transmitter...

Larry Szendrei ne1s at neandertech.com
Wed Dec 28 17:34:42 EST 2005

There was an article in ER several years ago about running 3-phase 
transformers on single phase, at reduced load. The recifier and filter 
need to be redesigned, tho. A friend of mine is doing it successfully in 
his homebrew KW amp.


W3CRR wrote:
> "...a lot (if not all) of the 5KW rigs want 220/440 3 phase - and ...ya 
> just can't "rewire" them...."
> No.  But you can buy an expensive phase converter 
> (http://www.phaseconverter.com/) - yet another odd acquisition that will 
> demand explanation to your XYL.  ("But , honey, it'll allow me to 
> install a four-ton 24 foot wide transmitter in our guest bedroom...").
> 73 --and good luck with that,
> Craig
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