[AMRadio] Need Gates BC1G Overall schematic

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Dec 30 18:42:22 EST 2005

Drawing number 852 5878 001

I am trying to get a friend's BC1G on the air, 160/80M AM Fone Q-R-O

   Will pay to duplicate, cut n' paste - .pdf - what have you..

We have a most of the -G manual, but not the overall prints - the 
Transmitter in Question has been 
uninstalled/installed/uninstalled/modified so that there are a few wires 
with nowhere to go, and some lonely terminals - the "wiring lists" are 
fairly retarded - funny that a company of the stature of Gates would let 
documentation with such obvious errors out the door - o well.

   And help will be much appreciated...

Cheerz and Happy NuYeerz

John  KB6SCO

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