[AMRadio] List Change-Over in a couple days...

Brian Sherrod arksky at alltel.net
Sat Dec 31 14:53:56 EST 2005

I will try to change us over to the new list server in a few days...

Been really busy here, and have not even had time to get the archives together for
publishing, not have I had a moment to download the pre 2001 archives John (BXO) has
graciously provided (I'll get them soon John).

The main thing I want to accomplish at this point, is the transition to the new mail
list server.  The archives will NOT be lost, I promise.  The new server should
provide us with much faster turnaround time on postings getting sent out, less
"unexplained bounces", etc.  Soon as I do the transfer, I will post the NEW email
address to send messages to.  After this, DO NOT post to the old address, as they
will go nowhere.  Also, for those who are set for digest mode, you will have to reset
this in your settings, which I will provide the URL to that page as well.

Again, and except for those using digest mode, members should not have to do
anything, as I will transfer your membership from the old to the new.  Just make sure
you record the new email address to post to once I publish that.

Thanks All, and Happy New Year!

Brian / w5ami

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