[AMRadio] Bad Static Problem

Tom wa6apn at charter.net
Tue Feb 1 10:33:23 EST 2005

Hello Al
Just started having a similar problem,but it's not intermittent. Came on
last night while I was on 160 AM,appears my neighbor laid some polywire down
on the wet ground and hooked it up to a device called an electronic dog
fence. I'm getting a steady 120 IPM + at S-7 to 10db over 9 noise level on
every rcvr in the shack ( R-388,NC-98,NC-57,HQ-129X,HQ-150,ARC-5,plus a
TS-430s and a SWAN 500CX) Up until this my average noise level was about
S-1. Also all AM broadcast rcvrs in the house,some 75' away from the
fence.It's hitting me on 160,80/75 and 40 can also be heard on 20 at about
an S3 level. Plans at this time are an offer to help him install it
properly. BTW didn't take long to find the source with a protable AM
broadcast rcvr. Best-o-luck Al 73, Tom / wa6apn
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Subject: [AMRadio] Bad Static Problem

> I just started getting an intermittent noise problem on several bands that
> runs from s-9 to about 20 over. It's especially bad on 40 meters,
> but I can hear it on 80 and 160 pretty good too. Not too bad on the higher
> bands. Sometimes it is just one or two pops per second, then it changes to
> as much as about 50 or more pops per second, then slowly back again.
> Sometimes only one every few seconds. This is very annoying, because the
> main receiver I use does not have a noise blanker, and the noise limiter
> doesn't do a whole lot.
> I was wondering if that sounds like anything similar to the noise any of
> other guys have been getting. (Maybe from power lines?)
> I can't hear it at all on a portable AM broadcast band receiver, so it
> be difficult to track down without getting the power company involved.
> Thanks for any help.
> Al, NE2D
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