[AMRadio] Bad Static Problem

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Tue Feb 1 12:44:01 EST 2005


    Is this noise broadband, or is it concentrated in
frequency, and then showing another concentration at
say 200 Khz away? My VCR when off was this last way,
and the pulse rate would vary just like you said. One
of those clusters was centered at 3885 (abt 15 kc
wide), and this would vary maybe +/- 20 Khz depending
on temperature.
    I tracked it down pretty quickly with a cheap
Chinese SW portable I picked up in Shanghai a few
years back. 
    It's amazing how much stuff we have sucking power
in our houses 24/7 just so that we can turn something
on with a remote. Count all the wall-worts, and other
gizmo's, and I bet it adds up to over 100 watts all
the time. Some of this junk is now using switching
power supplies with little or NO filtering. Sigh.
    Good luck with finding the culprit!

--- "Schichler, Alfred" <ASchichler at microwavedata.com>

> I just started getting an intermittent noise problem
> on several bands that
> runs from s-9 to about 20 over. It's especially bad
> on 40 meters, 
> but I can hear it on 80 and 160 pretty good too. Not
> too bad on the higher
> bands. Sometimes it is just one or two pops per
> second, then it changes to
> as much as about 50 or more pops per second, then
> slowly back again.
> Sometimes only one every few seconds. This is very
> annoying, because the
> main receiver I use does not have a noise blanker,
> and the noise limiter
> doesn't do a whole lot. 
> I was wondering if that sounds like anything similar
> to the noise any of you
> other guys have been getting. (Maybe from power
> lines?)
> I can't hear it at all on a portable AM broadcast
> band receiver, so it might
> be difficult to track down without getting the power
> company involved.
> Thanks for any help.
> Al, NE2D
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