[AMRadio] Bad Static Problem

Jim candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Sun Feb 6 17:07:24 EST 2005

It was said:

> I'm thinking probably power lines, but maybe I should try
> a battery-operated radio and turn off the power to the whole house before
> come to that conclusion.

Comment by me:

 Excellent idea! Just don't do it during the super Bowl!

At my last QTH, I got lucky and tracked a line noise problem to it's source:


I was going up and down streets power pole to power pole on my bicycle with
a AM Walkman radio tuned to 540 and 1700 Khz. The noise went up and down
differently due the different wavelength between the two frequencies. At one
point the noise peaked at both frequencies, and had a hideous growl to it.
The offending pole was very close, and the arcing was audible without the
Walkman. I came back at night and saw the purple glow. The power company
fixed me up, but that took a while.

If you have a VHF HT that also receives AM aircraft frequencies (108-136
Mhz?), then you might find a noise problem quicker since the noise fades
much quicker from the source than AM broadcast frequencies do. A 3 element
beam for directivity would be nice too.

Jim Candela
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