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Fred ham at urlhits.com
Mon Feb 7 22:07:43 EST 2005

Hi Don

Do you still have the viking valiant .

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I am going to rearrange my corner of the basement in a way that eliminates
some shelving. So the radios on those shelves have to go. Here's what I am
going to be selling. I'll knock $500 off the $2,075 total if someone wants
to come and pick them all up. Otherwise prices will be "plus shipping".
Please e-mail me if you have any interest.

B&W 5100. Nice front panel. Blue metallic cabinet. Untested. $300

National NC-300. Good front panel and cabinet. Untested. Probably will come
right up after cap reforming. $175

Johnson Viking Valiant. Good front panel but finger wear around toggle
switches. Cabinet scratches. One foot broken. Untested. $300

Collins 75A2. Cabinet repainted excellent St. James Gray powdercoat.
Otherwise original. BFO not working. $400

Hallicrafters SX-100. Beautiful front panel and VG cabinet. Light scratch on
VU meter. Nice inside. Untested. $300

Harvey Wells Bandmaster Deluxe with HW VFO and original HW power supply.
Very nice looking except PS which is just average.  Works. $450

WRL Globe Scout 40. The original Scout. Only one set of coils. Excellent
original condition. Working. $150

There's no rust or corrosion or other problems. No ugly surprises and no
front panel modifications (probably no visible modifications at all). I
believe these to be in original condition. All have original knobs with
tuning controls and band switches that work. I think I have the manuals for
everything, some are originals and some are copies.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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